Best Beard Oils in India for Growth & Thickness

From film stars to sports celebrities, mostly everyone is spotted with a beard. When nicely trimmed and shaped, this rustic and rugged looked mane can catch a lot of attention.

But the only setback that maximum men face is genetics.

When your own genes betray and make it difficult to grow a good mane, beard oil comes in the act of your knight in shining armor. However, it’s important to keep in mind that oils can help with grooming and look, but they won’t impact the quantity, distribution, or functioning of hair follicles just on the face.

The beards will look thicker if the hair follicles are kept in good health once they have developed. Also, because the beard oil you used would come into direct touch with your skin, you might want to double-check the substances it contains to ensure it does not cause an allergic reaction.

Beard oil is a mix of handpicked natural ingredients and man-made products that helps facilitate the growth of new beard strands. It also conditions the skin and reduces itchiness and flaking.

As there are a variety of products available in the market, we have curated a list of the top 5 beard oils that you must try to get a fuller-looking beard.

1. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil

When it comes to grooming needs, Ustraa is amongst the most sought-after and respected products among men.

As a result, for individuals looking to expand a mane, this beard growth oil is an excellent choice.

This sulphate and paraben-free variety is enriched with a concoction of eight different types of natural oils, including:

  • Argan oil
  • Almond oil
  • Olive oil
  • Castor oil
  • Watermelon seed oil

Ustraa Beard Growth oil meets and exceeds customer expectations in terms of both performance and affordability.

It also has vitamin E in it, which effectively increases hair follicles & promotes hair growth.

Ustraa beard growth oil improves hair development, stimulates hair follicles, relieves itchy and dry skin, and helps to prevent irritation.

2. UrbanGabru Beard Oil

This beard oil by UrbanGabru is really economical and simple to apply, and it would help replenish and stimulate your hair follicles, cover in thin patches in your beard, prevent irritation, and minimize greying.

It may be applied to all types of facial hair and is enriched with 100 per cent natural and organic components like sunflower oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and sweet almond oil.

Urbangabru has caught the minds of customers with an excellent assortment of grooming products, and it is rapidly gaining popularity amongst youth.

This finest beard growth oil is a unique combination of chemicals that promotes regular hair growth while also addressing issues like beard dandruff, acne, and dry, itchy skin.

3. Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Oil

Apart from being a well-known brand for shaving gels, Bombay Shaving Company’s beard-growth oil is also rather good, especially as it contains vetiver and four more essential oils (including sesame oil).

According to user evaluations, it improves blood flow to the hair follicles, resulting in a stronger and more blown-out beard growth.

Frequent use can help you grow a full-bodied beard if you have a patchy beard. Hair grows more quickly and reliably. Also treats acne and irritated skin behind the beard, leaving both the skin and the beard looking healthy and lustrous.

This Bombay Shaving Company’s beard-growth oil softens, shines, and tames the beard hair, making it easier to style.

4. Beardo Hair and Beard Growth Oil

If you approach most Indian males, they’ll tell you that Beardo is a major consumer favourite.

Firstly, because all of their items are aimed solely towards Indian guys. Then there’s the fact that they’re prime-sensitive.

As a result, this beard and hair growth variation, which contains sesame oil, rose, hibiscus, and Vitamin B6, has been shown to rejuvenate and re-energize beard growth.

Vitamin B6 is also present in the product, which helps to prevent hair loss, promote hair development, and make it more voluminous.

This beard growth product also hydrates the skin behind the beard, preventing itching and dryness.

The oil is light and fragrant, adding smoothness to the beard, reducing frizz, and making it more manageable.

5. TRUMEN Beard Growth Oil

This TruMen beard growth oil is specifically tailored to strengthen and develop your beard while also reducing beard irritation, combating beard dandruff, and keeping your skin supple.

It’ll make a great supplement to your grooming routine because it’s enriched with Vitamin E, as well as jojoba and grapeseed essential oils.

Whereas a full-bodied beard with a rough texture is appealing, you must remember that in order to maintain the health of your beard, you must moisturise the skin beneath it.

TruMen Beard Growth Oil can help you achieve this, and it is India’s best-selling beard oil.

It is indeed a fragrance-free, organic beard oil that’s free of hazardous chemicals, colourants, and sulphates.

Wrapping Up – What You Need to Know & Why You Need a Beard Oil

While growing a beard can be fashionable and charming, it can also be misconstrued as unsanitary.

Bacteria can get into beards, particularly in the area behind the nose wherever you sweat most.

Dust could collect in the hair of the beard. Since the beard absorbs all of the moisture out from the skin, this becomes flaky and scratchy.

That is why investing in good beard oil is essential for keeping your beard fresh, hygienic, and your skin healthy and clear of filth and pollution.

Using a beard oil softens, smoothes, and manages facial hair while also taming it for a crisp, neat appearance.

Beard oils can assist the hair to grow faster and healthier by preventing irritation and itching on the skin underneath the beard.

Using a nice beard oil right after washing your face should also do the work, giving you a well-groomed appearance with a rustic edge.

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