It’s difficult to avoid seeming lanky after you reach a certain height, no matter what you do. In a gathering of shorter, stockier men, even a professional basketball player appears twiggy, and it’s not because he’s lacking in muscle. Tall and slim men are faced with a double challenge. They must avoid appearing towering or storkish, as every tall man does. 

However, there isn’t a lot of useful information available. Sure, clothes are simpler to fit into, but you might prefer to appear more fit. Perhaps you prefer your clothes to seem tailored rather than clinging to you like a pile of laundry.


Tall, slim men’s clothing should provide mass while subtracting height. This involves looking for a lot of horizontal components, such as broad belts, trouser cuffs, jacket pockets, and vests, which can all add horizontal lines to the body.

Asymmetrical patterns or graphics in casual apparel can catch the eye and retain it at mid-body height; broad check patterns in professional attire can achieve the same effect.

For those who can afford it, tailored menswear provides a superb fit, but even department store buyers can benefit from knowing their measurements before going in but also have a backup option in case the desired fit is not available in store.

The clothes you wear have the power to transform your image from “lazy and lacklustre” to “distinguished and driven” in the eyes of those around you.


Men’s trousers are typically described by two measurements: waist and inseam. There’s no way of knowing how droopy the trousers will seem until they arrive because those don’t show how wide the legs are at the thigh or how big the “drop” from the waist to the crotch is.

As a result, search for formal pants that have room in the thighs and between the waistband and the crotch. In each of these, there should be a good fit.

The side pockets of casual pants might be tilted forward rather than straight up and down, which helps to break up the vertical line. Limit the quantity of items you put in them. A key or wallet bulge would appear to be filling your entire thigh. 


  1. Fabric should be heavy enough to fall smoothly
  2. A little looseness in the lower legs will add some thickness to the lower body
  3. Pleats are worth avoiding unless trousers are closely fitted.
  4. Avoid vertical lines.
  5. Broad belts and big buckles are great for tall men but dont oversize if you are skinny.
  6. Have the trousers cuffs made a little wider than usual.

2. TIES 

You’ll need a tall tie if you’re a tall man. That is, when your belt is secured, tie your hands all the way to the end of it.

A wider tie will also look better on slender guys because it will help to bulk out their chest, and a properly knotted complete Windsor knot will provide strength and shape to the neck and chin area.

Look for patterns with horizontal features, such as steeply slanted diagonals, wide diamonds, or check patterns, which are all useful here.

       3. SHIRTS

T-shirts and shirts, like trousers, should be tailored to a precise fit. They should also be long enough to tuck into the pants. It’s too short if the sides of the shirt are creeping up out of the waistline as you move.

Most store-bought shirts that are long enough are also too big on the sides and require alteration. Tightly belted pants will keep the tucked-in cloth in place for as long as possible, and thicker undershirts can assist take up a little more space.


Jackets give the chest and shoulders greater weight, giving them a more masculine appearance. Blazers, sport jackets, and suit jackets are tall and slender men’s secret weapons, but a jacket that pinches the shoulders or hangs off them loosely will be difficult to mend.

To add some weight and padding to your frame, look for a jacket with broader shoulders. The back of the jacket should extend at least to the top of your buttocks, and it’s fine to let it linger a few inches further. This shortens the line of your legs and gives you a more balanced appearance.

Double-breasted jackets are also a good choice for tall, slim men, but only when worn with a matching suit. The extra material across the chest fills out the frame and can be tailored to a tight fit.

       5. SHOES

Shoes may not appear important to the normal man, but they are necessary and fashionable for tall slender men. If done appropriately, shoes can help attract attention downward and emphasise your legs in all the right ways.

Boat shoes and canvas lace-up shoes are two of the more fashionable shoe options for highlighting masculine legs.


Layering items with opposing patterns and prints, as well as choosing garments with contrasting patterns and prints, can lend bulk and dimension to any appearance.

  1. Horizontally conscious: stripes are a popular choice all year. Stripes are fantastic for accessories like ties, socks, and scarves, but only use horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes will lengthen your torso even further.
  1. Layering: a bulkier appearance is achieved by layering textures and colours in your attire. Play experiment with different lengths and textures instead of wearing two or three sweaters to add bulk. 

Layer your clothing from light to heavy and from thin to thick. Basically, you’d start with the lightest and thinnest fabric, such as a basic white tee or a plain white shirt, and finish with a heavier outer layer, such as a suit jacket or a shawl collar knit sweater.

  1. Graphic tees are an excellent way to attract the eye down to the midsection. These are some of the greatest shirts to wear with a vest or a button-down shirt.


  1. Denim pants that are too tight should be avoided.

Very skinny denim pants will only emphasise your slim figure, making you appear even slimmer than you are.

  1. Sleek vertical lines and loose clothing
  2. Nothing to break up the verticals in this pinstripe suit.
  3. Baggy pants and a loose shirt
  4. Avoid tucked-in shirts that are too short or shirts that are too long down your torso. This can result in a sloppy, out-of-scale display.
  5. Avoid bulky shoes: wearing broader, clunky shoes with slim-cut slacks might give your legs a stick-like appearance.
  6. Avoid big, strong prints

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