Conor McGregor The Untold Story

Before becoming the most entertaining fighter on the planet in the Fighting Industry, Conor McGregor was a young, broke man working jobs such as plumbing in order to afford his gym and provide a meal to his table. McGregor was friends along with Tom Egan who happened to be his classmate. McGregor was his first Irish fighter ever to compete at the UFC. Tom Egan had helped him in his training and development of MMA techniques. Tom also introduced Conor to his instructor John Kavanagh and made him join the Straight Blast Gym back in Dublin, Ireland.

Conor was aware that he wouldn’t have the time needed to pursue anything else that UFC and had made the choice to quit any other job and concentrate exclusively on Mixed Martial Arts. Conor was fortunate when founder of UFC Dana White had decided to go on a tour of Ireland during 2013 to offer McGregor an opportunity to fight with the UFC. The first fight he took on was Marcus Brimage who he had beaten easily and earned the sum of 60000 USD as a reward for the knockout of the night.

Conor McGregor was mainly known for his rants and speaking whatever he wanted during his Press conference. The crowd was there to determine whether he could live up to the hype. In the event, Conor McGregor faced Jose Aldo in UFC 194. It took only 13 seconds to eliminate Jose Aldo which is one of the fastest times ever to knock out a fighter in the Championship fight to become the new UFC Featherweight champion of the World and ended Aldo’s 10 year without a loss streak.

Conor McGregor created Pay Per View Records repeatedly in the past and brought UFC onto the scene and sparked huge sums of money. The time came when Conor McGregor had decided to take on Nate Diaz on a short notice, he suffered the first defeat of his career to defeat in UFC history. He requested an opportunity to fight Diaz at his own weight and defeated Diaz. In addition, Conor beat Diaz, but he set a new record. pay per view record for UFC through the production of 1.65 million dollars in purchases. These were the most expensive in UFC history at the time.

McGregor being the ferocious fighter he was, sought out more money and gold. He was adamant to challenge the Lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez to a title fight in 2016 . He knocked him out , becoming the first person ever to have two titles from different weight classes simultaneously.

Conor, who had dominated all UFC divisions, stepped into another sport to take on one of the best boxers ever, Floyd Mayweather, to a boxing match in 2017. Many anticipated Conor to lose in the first few rounds, however Conor delivered an entertaining show that lasted 10 rounds. He caused yet another chaos on the Pay per view buys , bringing in 4.3 millions Pay Per View purchases. He made close to 100 million US dollars.

Conor had taken a two-year break of two years from UFC and returned to take on Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 at Las Vegas. Conor was showing the signs that he was not able fight as he used to perform prior to the beginning of the round, however Conor gave his fans the best show of his career and ultimately fell to Khabib through submission. As always, the main event set a new record for the largest MMA Pay per View event to date with 2.4 million viewers within the United States alone and generated 17.2 Million dollars from across the globe. He’s been the headliner at four of the top six most popular UFC Pay per View events.

Conor McGregor announced his retirement via social media on March 26th, 2019 and brought an end to a remarkable career in MMA with an impressive winning record of 21 and four losses.

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