Actions Speak Louder Than Words: 5 Signs She is Serious About You

Many modern daters are hesitant to reveal all of their playing cards. They are afraid that being serious will make them appear weak and unattractive, so they go along with the flow and repress their emotions, especially early on.

Even if the person you’re dating doesn’t express an interest in getting serious, you can still deduce this from their words and behaviour.

Being in love is one of the most lovely feelings one can have. But you’ve been dating her for a long and you’re starting to wonder if she’s serious about you.

Here are several tell-tale signals she wants to be in a long-term relationship with you.

1. She enjoys having in-depth discussions

Getting to know someone on a deep, personal level isn’t always a priority when you’re casually dating somebody, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

You stick to the basics, such as work, news, and pop culture, have some light-hearted fun, and call it a day.

When you want to be exclusive, though, you want to discover everything you can about someone.

If she enjoys extensive chats about significant things such as your family and childhood, as well as her own opinions and beliefs, it’s a clear sign she wants to be in a serious relationship.

2. She expresses an interest in meeting your family and/or friends

She’d like to meet others who have known you for longer than she has.

She’s interested in who you love and who loves you back. She wants to get to know them because she wants to be a part of that inner circle and be as important to you as they are.

As she wants you to be a part of her family, she’ll probably invite you to family gatherings so you can meet and get to know her.

3. She recalls even the tiniest details about you

You thought she wasn’t paying attention, but then she did something to demonstrate that she cares about the smallest details.

Maybe she remembers how much you enjoy sour gummies, but only those with a citrus flavour.

Or maybe she cooked you dinner and plated it for you, remembering how much you despise it when different dishes come into contact.

She recalls because she has a strong desire to do so.

4. She does something unique to express her love

This could be a challenging task for her or something she would never do for someone else. Perhaps she’ll go to great measures to look her best for your date.

Perhaps she’ll create something for you to meet a specific need or interest.

She may also surprise you with tickets to a show you’ve been wanting to see. But everything she does, it’s all to show her love for you.

She wants you to know she’s thinking about you and can’t seem to get enough of anything that reminds her of you.

5. She picks up on your feelings

Men are now emotional, but they aren’t expressive. This is very normal.

She figures out what’s wrong and how can she make you feel better when you’re upset. When she’s envious, she lets you know about it.


Do you ever wonder if the person you love is truly interested in you?

It’s quite natural to be confused, but with time and her actions, you’ll be able to tell whether or not your girlfriend is serious about you.

But why wait for the passage of time? These above-mentioned signs will help you figure it out today itself!

Which of these characteristics do you notice in your girlfriend? If she exhibits these indicators, don’t let her go.

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