How Emotionally Healthy Are you? Here Are Some Signs to Look at

We all desire emotional well-being, but few of us take the time to consider and work on it.

High self-esteem, a strong sense of self, and being in control of yourself regardless of how you’re feeling are all examples of emotional health.

With more evidence linking our mental and physical health, it’s no surprise that taking care of our emotional well-being is critical.

It can be difficult to grasp what emotional health is, let alone how to start developing it, if you grew up in a household that did not place a high value on it.

Physical and emotional wellness is taking care of our emotional well-being is essential if we want to live each day with purpose and happiness.

Experiencing gratitude in every aspect of life

Appreciation is the source of all positivity, and cultivating gratitude is a certain way to emotional well-being and stability. The ability to notice all that we have to be grateful for in our lives is a big indicator of emotional wellness.

Accessing a state of thankfulness can feel like an uphill battle when we have a negative viewpoint or lack emotional stability. If you’re having trouble, start small.

Find something to feel grateful for in your surroundings. Make a list, and then find two things to be grateful for the next day.

Asking for support

Being able to stand up and ask for what you need, on the other hand, is a show of strength, courage, and emotional well-being.

It’s fine to feel unhappy. It’s also fine to seek assistance.

Being emotionally healthy – and this is critical for everyone to grasp – does not imply that you are always fine, joyful, and in control. That is not the case.

The fact of emotional well-being is that you will not always feel good, but you are aware of this, anticipate it, and embrace it. To deny it is to have unrealistic expectations of life and your experience with it.

Acting from a place of compassion

Look, we’re all human, and we’re all prone to losing our cool and becoming irritated from time to time.

It’s important to remember, though, that everyone is on their journey, and we never know what someone is going through in their personal lives.

So, no matter what someone does or says on the outside, strive to see them through the eyes of compassion. Most importantly, remember to show yourself the same level of kindness.

Having a consistent exercise regimen

Breaking a sweat, releasing endorphins, and moving your body helps you reduce tension and anxiety, ground yourself, boost confidence, and even improve decision-making.

Since the beginning of college, I’ve followed a consistent training routine. During my freshman year, I immediately saw how much of a difference 30-60 minutes at the gym could make. I felt stronger and more confident, and I was able to concentrate and do better at school. Around the same time, I began practising yoga, and it completely transformed my life – from lessening my anxiety and migraines to assisting me in finding a present and a healthy emotional state – and I’ve never looked back.

Maintaining healthy relationships and letting go of the ones that aren’t

The relationships we maintain are an important aspect of our mental and emotional wellbeing.

We’ve all heard the saying that we are the sum of our five closest friends and family members.

The people in our lives are a mirror, which is why this adage is so accurate.

We attract folks who are emotionally healthy if we are. We don’t if we aren’t. Similarly, if you have connections in your life that aren’t serving you, uplifting you, or improving you, it’s time to let them go for your mental health and wellbeing.

Your strongest relationship is with yourself

How can we fully love anyone else until we love ourselves? Or do we show up fully for ourselves and others? It all starts with you.

A healthy connection with oneself reflects the self-work you’ve done and the self-love you’ve gained as a result. This provides you with confidence, power, compassion, and the ability to attract meaningful connections into your life.

Personal growth is the key to success

Life is one enormous learning lesson, and those who understand this don’t see life as something that happens to them; rather, they see every encounter and struggle as an opportunity to learn, grow, and adapt.

Showing up and loving yourself enough to do the work and let go of any bad patterns or behaviors that are holding you back is what personal growth entails.

If you’re ready to learn, grow, and transform in all aspects of your life, I encourage you to look for materials that will assist you in doing so.


We all know when things aren’t running at full speed when it comes to our physical health. We experience those nagging aches and pains, sneeze when we have a cold, and realize when we’re a little out of breath after sprinting up the stairs. And it’s because of these signals that we’re able to treat our sicknesses and increase our bodily well-being.

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