6 Shoe Manship Options Every Man Should Have

No more will your mom choose shoes that are compatible with your outfit. You’re now a mature man. Flip-flops and crocs are not for teenager boys. You want to look like a grown man! You may wish to up your shoe game at this stage in your life.

Are you looking to create a collection of shoes but don’t know where to begin? We have the answer! To help you elevate your style, we have compiled a list with six shoes that you must own. We have everything you need, from shoes to wear on a casual day to shoes to make a statement when you are dressed up, to shoes that will suit your style. Continue reading!

1. Cap-Toe Balmoral Oxfords

Oxford Shoes are the most in-demand dress shoes of today. These shoes are a must-have for every man. These shoes can be worn for all occasions, including weddings and black-tie events. These shoes can be worn on many different occasions, so they should be your first choice when you want to look your best.

It is still not clear where Oxford came from. Many believe that Oxford University students in 1825 wore a shoe similar to the Oxford shoe. Some believe that the Oxford shoe originated in Scotland or Ireland, but others have disproved this theory.

The Oxford shoe is still the most loved dress shoe of all time.

All Oxfords have a closed lacing system that can be used to distinguish them from Derby shoes. An Oxford shoe of good quality should be made from box-calf leather, and not have any broguing.

An Oxford dress shoe is versatile and can be used for weddings, job interviews and other black-tie events.

The “Cap-Toe Oxford”, a standard in men’s wear, is suitable for professional use. The extra leather that is added to the toe box distinguishes it.


Sneakers are casual, but they are a more formal option than sneakers. These shoes are very easy to wear and move in. However, they have a sophisticated style. These shoes will elevate your overall appearance while still maintaining a casual feel.

These are the shoes that every man should have.

Sneakers shoes, also known as sneakers, can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century.

Sneakers shoes were first made with canvas and vulcanized Rubber. They were a cheap alternative to hand-made footwear.

Keds was founded in 1916 and made the first sneakers available for sale to the general public.

Adi Dassler, another shoemaker, started making sneakers from his own home as a hobby. Dassler started a hobby that grew into a business and he founded the company today known as Adidas.

Tennis sneakers became a standard in nearly every child’s and young adult wardrobe by the 1950s. This trend was also supported by James Dean, who famously wore many pairs of Converse low-top tennis sneakers.

Sneakers are a common item today, but some people think they’re too popular. I recommend a pair of classic sneakers with a leather- or suede-covered upper.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are the best summer footwear for men. They look just like dress sneakers but are classier. This pair of moccasin-like shoes is perfect paired with summer shorts. These boat shoes should be worn with no-show socks, or none at all. Boat shoes can be a great addition to your vacation outfit if they are worn correctly.

Paul Sperry (yes that Sperry) invented the boat shoe in the 1930s. They are an excellent option for summer men.

A boat shoe, with its moccasin-like design, can be versatile and worn well. You shouldn’t dress this shoe up. I recommend pairing boat shoes with shorts.

They can be worn with pants, but you should make sure that your pants have some taper at the bottom. It would be very odd to wear boat shoes with boot-cut trousers.

This shoe is also recommended without socks, or with no-show liners socks.

Once worn, boat shoes mold to your feet and are extremely comfortable.

These are the 10 essential shoes that every man must have, gentlemen. Do you know how to keep your shoes fresh and clean? How to Stop Shoe Stink.

Penny Loafers

These loafers are perfect for everyday wear! These shoes are much more comfortable than traditional dress shoes and are therefore easier to wear. Penny loafers are a great way to add some flair to your outfit. These loafers can be worn with both suits and casual outfits.

The first Loafer was born in 1936, with Norwegian roots.

In the 1930s, fishermen in Northern Europe wore slip-on shoes similar to a moccasin. Many men noticed these early Loafers and began to wear them as casual wear.

Years later, the Penny Loafer was created and remains the gold standard for Loafers.

A Penny Loafer differs from a Loafer in that it has a cutout at the top of the shoe. This creates a small slot or pocket within the shoe.

Penny Loafers have a more casual look than other dress shoes.

Although loafers aren’t the first thing on most men’s wish lists, they can add some flair to your summer suits. In the summer, you should wear cream or blue suits and not black or charcoal suits.

Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boot, easily identifiable by its elastic sides and a staple in men’s footwear, is a shoe that every man should have by age 30.

The Chelsea boot was first designed for Queen Victoria because she had difficulty with regular boots. The laces could get caught in her stirrups when she rode.

Original name of Chelsea boots was “paddock boot”.

The 1950s saw the rise in popularity of Chelsea boots and Paddock boots, which became Chelsea boots.

Their popularity was influenced by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

The Chelsea boot was popularized by both fanbases, as it was worn by band members.

These boots are a smart choice for many men because of their ease.

Chelsea boots are asymmetrical and reach the ankle. They don’t have laces. The sides are covered with a strip elastic that extends to the ankle, but not to the boot’s sole. The elastic usually ends just above or near the sole’s welt.

There are many styles of Chelsea boots, so they’re a great choice for every man. This boot is best suited for leather and should be avoided if you are allergic to suede.

The boot will look great with jeans or trousers if it has a leather upper. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a pair of stylish suede Chelsea boots!

Wing-Tip Brogues Shoes

For outdoor work, Irish workers wore brogues at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Brogues’ distinctive broguing patterns today have a practical purpose.

Workers punched holes in the shoes. The shoes quickly drained any water that could get in them, so workers didn’t have to take them off. This saved them time and money.

Many actors and entertainers wore elegant versions of these dresses.

The perforations became fashionable and were very similar to the ones we see today on Brogues.

Brogues gained popularity in America, where famous actors such as Cary Grant or Fred Astaire helped to usher in a new Brogue era.

There are many types of brogues. We recommend the “Full Brogue”, or “Wingtip” as shown above. These will be your most worn shoes so they are a great choice.

This can be worn with a slightly casual work outfit.

Brogues are delicate and should be cleaned frequently. The shoes’ holes can quickly become clogged with dirt and dust.

This is the ultimate guide to how to clean, condition and polish dress shoes. You can check out my shoe-polish guide.

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