IKIGAI Book Review: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

The Japanese term “Ikigai,” which translates to “art of living,” refers to the discipline of living a purposeful life concerning one’s sense of self.

The Japanese secret to a long and happy life explores this concept based on the authors’ journey to Okinawa, Japan, which has the world’s highest population of centenarians.

The Ikigai concept is a daily dose of how to embrace and achieve a healthier and happier way of life by identifying our particular Ikigai with experiences, practices, and recommendations for a sophisticated yet harmonious lifestyle.

The book covers a wide range of topics that can assist us in living a long and happy life. It revolves around the IKIGAI technique, which is an ancient and well-known Japanese approach.

It covers a wide range of topics, including the value of flow, the importance of friendships, and the significance of reassuring others. Here is a segment-wise Ikigai book review.

Segment 1

The villagers of Okinawa have been observed to follow these guidelines, and centenarians have discovered that these people have extraordinarily low rates of heart disease and dementia.

Segment 2

The book’s second section discusses the importance of mental health, which is mostly overlooked by a majority of people.

The book offers advice on how to activate the brain, which is frequently bound to routines and patterns, resulting in a lack of flexibility. It proposes activities such as social engagement and mind games that might benefit the brain as an exercise.

It also claims that stress reduction is necessary for healthy living. There has also been necessary scientific research introduced, which reveals that stress has a long-term impact on the healthy cells in our bodies, resulting in premature aging. It portrays Yoga as a treatment for calming the body and mind.

Segment 3

The book’s third section informs us about a technique known as Morita therapy. It was created primarily to treat anxiety and compulsive behavior.

The client must nurture new emotions by accepting their sensations and characteristics as part of the therapy. This segment includes a full explanation of how this therapy works and which may be administered by an individual.

Segment 4

The fourth section of this book concentrates on the concept of “flow.” The flow concept is around taking pleasure in the simple pleasures of life while maintaining concentration so that the person does not become bored while doing so.

In addition, the importance of exceeding thresholds of difficulty has been discussed, as well as how flow can be achieved through new exhilarating activities that push us to detach.

This book promotes little gestures to form and maintain friendships like greeting a stranger with a smile, which can have an impact on a person’s longevity.


This book is encouraging in general. The reader is captivated by the simplicity and soothing tone it provides, and it keeps their attention until the finish.

The book explores Japanese Zen philosophy, encouraging readers to seek for and develop their Ikigai.

The writers hope that by publishing this book, the readers would become more motivated towards living a healthy, happy, and worthwhile life.

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