Death: An Inside Story By (Sadhguru)

The process of picking up books to read during the lockdown phase can be a difficult task because we would like to read something extremely exciting since we are currently at home, or we tend to go through light reading like meditation, spiritual, and peace pieces since we are dealing with enough chaos in our lives. In spite of that, I decided to read the book that I’ve wanted to read since it was released, “Death: An Inside Story” by Sadhguru, knowing it could be depressing. The book also sports the tagline “A book for all who shall die”. I’ve seen many interviews with Sadhguru, and every time someone asked him questions on the rebirths of death, the past lives, etc. He would laugh at the subject and then move on to the next one. I have always believed Sadhguru didn’t believe in any of this, but this book that is full of information was an unexpected surprise to me, and I was thrilled for the similar.

If you were to talk about death, You would expect that someone would be discussing it in 40-50 pages. And what is there to know about this phenomenon that occurs so quickly that we do not ever even realize it? Additionally, we believe that death is the end of the world. Therefore why think about it? All we want is to live a long and healthy life. However, Sadhguru has us discuss the one-word phenomenon known as “Death” in around 375 pages. That’s huge!

I was never convinced that Living and dying are two separate experiences spiritually. I believe that when we are living well, the end of our lives does not have anything to do with it. The next life, should there be any such thing, will be determined dependent on the way we’ve lived our previous lives. In this work, I’ve discovered that the way we die and what happens to us right prior to and in the days following our death can affect our soul and energy and is vital to ensure that we live without suffering, even if we’ve been spiritually proper. Sadhguru tackles all of the topics in a light and humorous tone that makes it simple for us to follow the book, even if some chapters can be a bit heavy or boring to absorb.

I was fascinated by the notions of many koshas, karmas, kinds of bodies, Vayus chakras, and the way death occurs at different stages of these ideas that impact our energy in the future. Sadhguru is also not shy from discussing topics such as rebirths, reincarnations, as well as mahasamadhi and samadhi. Ghosts and spirits and suicide, as well as murder, the memory of death, and so on. He also reveals how his wife, along with other people close to him, departed their bodies like that, based on their wishes. He also explains the body disappearing just like it happens to some people who are at upper levels of managing these kinds of things.

Jaggi Vasudev is also able to reveal various other issues, including how to determine if the person died in a healthy way or not. What can be done to manage the energies even after death? What rituals must be observed to ensure the deceased person who passed away is dissolved with success? The most interesting information given is that the person does not die completely at the point of death but remains alive for some time after, and therefore isn’t totally dead until. The entire article was interesting and informative. He also has a conversation about his past lives and whether he’ll be going through the rebirth route again or not.

Let’s talk about a few negatives. I’m going to mention the book was designed for those who have experienced or read about Sadhguru prior to this, and understanding his language could be a challenge. Additionally, most of the time, Sadhguru isn’t going into details because people become curious and go to an Isha Yoga center or begin studying his classes to get things more clearly. If you’re spiritual, then firstly, the book you write should be completely free without cost. If it is not, then at the very least, don’t make it a guide to promoting the various programs run through your organization. The third reason is that the few things Sadhguru speaks about, such as people leaving their bodies, or burning before disappearing before him, sound fake as there’s no proof that we’ve witnessed anyone share such stories occurring

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