How To Win Friends And Influence People. How Stop Worrying And Start Living

Techniques in Handling People
  1. Do not criticize, denigrate or make excuses.
  2. Offer genuine and genuine appreciation.
  3. Inspire the other person to an intense desire.
Six methods to make People Like You
  1. Be truly interested in people.
  2. Smile.
  3. Keep in mind that the sound of a name is for that person the most sweet and important sound that can be heard in any language.
  4. Learn to be a good listener. Inspire others to share about themselves.
  5. Engage in discussions that are based on the interests of the other party.
  6. Make them feel special. Do it with sincerity.
Win People to Your Way of Thinking
  1. One way of ensuring that you make sure you get the best argument is to steer clear of it.
  2. Respect the opinions of others. Don’t ever say “You’re incorrect.”
  3. If you’re wrong, accept it immediately and with conviction.
  4. Begin with a smile and a warm greeting.
  5. Make sure the other person says “yes Yes,”yes” immediately.
  6. Let the other party do much talking.
  7. The other party should believe that the idea is theirs or his.
  8. Try to look at things from the other’s viewpoint.
  9. Be understanding of the ideas and needs.
  10. Affirm the noblest motives.
  11. Make your ideas more dramatic.
  12. Set a goal.
Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment
  1. Begin by praising and giving honest gratitude.
  2. Make sure that people are aware of their mistakes by pointing out their mistakes.
  3. Be honest about your own mistakes prior to criticizing your partner.
  4. Instead of giving direct orders.
  5. The other party should be a hero.
  6. Applaud the smallest improvement and praise each improvement. Make sure to be “hearty in your appreciation and awe-inspiring in all praise.”
  7. Give the other person a good image to live up to.
  8. Use encouragement. Make it appear easy to fix.
  9. Let the person who you suggest be satisfied with the action you recommend.

The book doesn’t stop there. offered. These are other things Carnegie mentions that are worth taking note of.


It is ineffective since it puts people in a position of defensiveness and causes him to try to justify his actions. Criticism can be dangerous because it erodes someone’s valuable pride, damages his self-esteem and can cause resentment. …. Anyone can be criticized, condemned and even complain, and the majority of fools do. However, it requires the right kind of character and self-control to be patient and accepting.

It reminds me of the famous quote from Thomas Carlyle. “A good man is able to demonstrate his excellence by the way he treats small males.”

People are Emotional

When we interact with people, be aware that we are not dealing with creatures of reason. It is a matter of dealing with emotional creatures that are swarming with prejudices as well as motivated by vanity and pride.

The Key to Influencing Others

The only way to influence others is to speak about what they want, and then show them how to achieve it.

The Secret of Success

If there’s a single key to success, it is being able to perceive another person’s point perception and to see things from the perspective of that person and also from your own perspective.

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