Improve Yourself Everyday: Three Simple Personal Development Tips

At some point in life, it’s normal to think that you need to improve yourself to get the right things done in life at the right time – before the time goes!

Self-improvement is something that cannot be achieved overnight & you need to work for years to come. However, if you make your mind to improve yourself every day, it’s very likely that success is bound to reach you faster.

Popular American publishing company Merriam-Webster defines self-improvement as the act or process of improving oneself by one’s own actions.

Some personal development tips may include habits like reading, waking up early, meditating, etc; this blog post describes a few ways that can help you begin the self-improvement process right now & continue it for a lifetime:

Tip#1: Set Goals & Affirm Them

Goal setting is a very powerful principle and is followed by almost every successful person & business across the globe.

By setting goals, you choose to be aware of what you want to accomplish, and this forces you to think of how you are going to achieve it practically.

In short, goal setting helps you develop a positive mindset, towards achieving them.

Also, the more precise & practical (clear & achievable) your goals are, the better you can focus on the right things – and not wasting time managing the unnecessary clutter or daydreaming.

When you set clear goals, you pave the way to a better, strategic & practical plan to move ahead with.

Being goal-oriented is critical for students as well, to learn to be resourceful (your ability to solve problems by finding & using the available possible resources)

Businesses follow the “goal setting” principle very well because they know the importance of it. If you’re employed somewhere, your organization might have its goals & values written & printed- it’s a common practice in the workplace.

We set goals and objectives to pay better attention to customers and their needs, to team up better across the organizational silos, to build core competencies, to reengineer our processes, to globalize our management, and so forth.

Successful goal setting mainly involves asking three questions to the self:

1. How important is the goal for us?

2. How confident are we about reaching and accomplishing the goal?

3. How consistent is the goal with our core values and beliefs?

Successful leaders & management professionals use this systematic approach when striving for goal accomplishments and use threads of positive psychology such as optimism, thought replacement, strength & resilence.

– Author Doug Smith, in his book Make Success Measurable! A Mindbook For Setting Goals And Taking Actions

Takeaway Tip: Writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them easier & faster. It’s important to put your goals in writing. According to this article published on Forbes, a Harvard Business Study found that the 3% of graduates from their MBA who had their goals written down, ended up earning ten times as much as the other 97% put together, just ten years after graduation.

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.”

–Bill Copeland

Tip #2: Take Action(s) in Life & Improve Yourself In Many Areas

Taking action(s) is crucial in life! You differentiate yourself from the crowd by taking action(s).

Constantly applying actions to your knowledge improves your chances of achieving success in many areas of life.

When you take action, you get out of the comfort zone & start stepping ahead (instead of daydreaming) – which benefits you with a lot of learnings & failure. By constantly taking action, you crack the code of success faster.

The more you take action, the more skills you’ll achieve in life. There are plenty of hidden skills within you – and taking action helps you discover them.

Below are some ways in which the “take action” principle helps you improve yourself:

  • Taking actions expand new areas of learning & interests for you
  • Takins actions gets you one step closer to cracking the succcess code
  • Taking actions improves your confidence & keeps you satisfied in life
  • Action takers are respected in the society & seen as a thought leader

Most importantly, those who take actions carry fewer things to regret in life for later

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

Tony Robbins
quotes on taking action to improve yourself everyday

Everyone wants a comfortable living, some of us have goals & plans in mind to achieve them, but the truth is – a few of them take action(s).

These few are the ones who open up tremendous opportunities for themselves, and just by stepping out of their comfort zone, or say, by taking action(s).

Opportunities will open up, if not today, tomorrow. What you have to do is take action & start working on what you desire in life.

Remember, even the smallest action you take may have a huge difference in your life.

Tip #3: Organize Things & Eliminate The Clutter

There are countless benefits of being an “organized” person in life. This is a skill to master if you want to improve yourself & keep yourself stress-free.

When you’re organized, you have a better sense of which thing is where – be it something physically or digitally.

You just know where to find the right things & get the work done quickly, and not inviting unnecessary productivity loss & stress.

Imagine the increase in stress you’ll experience at the workplace when you’re unable to find a file & a meeting based on that file is about to happen.

Unorganized people are often cluttered – physically, as well as mentally.

We are experiencing tech advancements with each passing day, this is inviting more stress as the digital clutter has invaded our lives.

We are overwhelmed by digital ‘stuff’ like social media, online meetings, unread emails/messages, a lot of tabs in the browser, a lot of digital files, etc.

This makes it very important to declutter your stuff & organize things smartly, or else, the stress levels will affect your productivity.

According to research:

Per week, information workers lose up to 2 hours searching for documents & 2 hours recreating documents because the current or right version could not be found

Imagine the productivity loss & unnecessary stress levels is experienced when you’re not organized.

Below are a few ways you reap the rewards by keeping yourself organized (physically & digitally):

  • Improves your mental wellbeing & reduces stress: When you’re organized in life – physically & digitally, you eliminate unnecessary stress.
  • Saves time & improve productivity: You know which stuff is placed where & can quickly find it to put the work in action.
  • Improve your health: When your place is organized, it’s likely to be clean & non-dusty.

No one is born organized – this is a habit to cultivate over time. If you think you’re a very disorganized person, worry not, anyone can learn to be organized as long as you’re willing to practice.

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