Characteristics & Traits of a Resilient Person

Adversity and hardships will inevitably arise in your life; how can you effectively prepare for and respond to them?

The key to success is resiliency. Resilience refers to your ability to cope with life’s challenges and your ability to learn from them.

Resilience isn’t something you’re born with; it’s something you can develop. Some people are naturally more resilient than others, but anyone may learn strategies to boost their resiliency.

The more you practise, the easier it will get, just like any other talent.

Grit and tenacity are directly related to resilience. Resilient people never blame their misfortune on external factors.

Do you want to study the characteristics of a resilient person so that you can cultivate them in yourself?

Here are the eight characteristics that all resilient people possess:

1. They are pleasant company

Whether for fun or when they need assistance, resilient people gravitate toward and surround themselves with other resilient people.

Supportive people allow us to grieve and go through our feelings.

They know when to listen and offer just enough support without attempting to solve all of our problems with their suggestions. Good supporters understand how to be in the face of adversity, calming rather than upsetting us.

2. Self-disciplined

Self-control assists you in taking control of yourself and your behaviour when you are resilient. Being accountable for yourself and how you deal with problems is a crucial component of resilience, and you can be conscious of yourself if you have good self-control.

In moments of discomfort and adversity, self-control shines brightest, and it’s also when our resilience shines brightest.

3. They understand how to deal with their feelings

Because all emotions originate here, resilient people can control their thoughts.

We think first, and then we feel. Resilient people can manage their thinking and are not swayed by others who have a negative charge.

4. They help people become more self-aware

Being “blissfully unaware” can help us get through a terrible day, but it’s not a good approach in the long run.

Self-awareness allows us to become more aware of our psychological and physiological needs and what we require, what we do not require, and when we should seek additional assistance.

Self-aware people are skilled at picking up on tiny clues from their bodies and moods.

On the other hand, arrogant stubbornness without emotional flexibility or self-awareness can turn us into traumatic glaciers: always attempting to remain afloat by being tough, yet vulnerable to catastrophic stress fractures when our environment changes unexpectedly.

5. Motivated

You wouldn’t have the stamina or strength to push through hurdles if you didn’t have the desire to respond in a certain way or attain goals.

Being motivated allows you to pursue and achieve challenging goals in life. When you combine resilience and motivation, you’ll be able to achieve your goal and overcome challenges along the road.

6. They are practical

There has been a lot of (also negative) discourse about optimism, which has led to the widespread belief that being positive involves denying certain aspects of reality that are unavoidable and present in many people’s lives.

The optimistic trait of resilient people is best described as being realistic yet always hoping for the best.

7. Solution-oriented strategy

One of the most common features of people who are prone to emotional collapsing is that they are led by feelings of blame. They are continually perplexed as to why their distressing condition has occurred.

Resilient people utilize their energy to figure out how to handle or get out of conflicting situations. The difference between more resilient people and those who are not could be found in fundamental parts of how they are and how they put their resilience into action.

If you begin to see things from a different viewpoint, your difficulties will begin to appear less like a drama and more like challenges, which you may even come to love depending on the circumstances.

8. Positive Thinking

The ability to stay motivated is a critical quality of successful people, but how do they do it? Sure, keeping motivated isn’t tough when things are going well. When you encounter a snag, however, inspiration can soon dissipate.

You must retain a certain amount of optimism to keep motivated through the ups and downs.

Most people will depart if their current working environment leaves something to be desired. A resilient individual will let their hopeful outlook on the future lead them.


Start using the tactics discussed to improve your resiliency. The world’s current predicament may appear to be never-ending, but you may acquire skills now to help you cope with this terrible era in many people’s life.

Don’t wait for things to get better before acting. You may start making changes right now to improve your resilience.

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