Bill Ford & Ratan Tata: Sweet Revenge on Ford You Should Know

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Mr. Ratan Tata was born in Mumbai on 28 Dec,1937. He is the grandson of Jamsetji Tata and become Chairman of the Tata group in 1961. Build Tata as a big brand of Tata Tea, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Motors, Tata Steel.

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Mr. Ratan Tata has set up Tata group in 100+countries and has approx 6.5 Lacs + employees. Tata group donates 66% of its profits to charity and still one of the richest people in the world. He has been awarded India’s one of the biggest awards Padma Vibhusan twice in his life journey. He is the true example of a great person who truly believes in serving society with simplicity.

This story is going to add value to your life. And help you to deal with so many fear and insecurities like Fear of Failure. How consistency and dedication can turn your failure into success. How to maintain that positive and learning mindset even after getting success. Let’s head on to the story of Mr. Ratan Tata an Indian Industrialist”.

The Story of Sweetest Revenge: “Success is the best revenge”                          

You all have listened to this quote that the best way of revenge is showing your success. And Mr. Ratan Tata has proved this Statement true by defeating Ford from his success. He purchased Ford Jaguar and LandRover business from Ford and took revenge for his humilation.

How Story Started:

It was in 1998 when Tata group has introduced their new model Tata Indica car. He had worked hard for his dream project to make it true. But the response of the Indica car gave severe loss to Tata Motors. He reached a point to sell his dream project and took a proposal to Ford company.

During the meeting, Bill Ford humiliated and stated a few lines to Mr. Ratan Tata. “Why you invested that much money in a business that you are not aware of. And we are doing a favor to you by purchasing your company”. And that’s where the story of success begins when he canceled the deal and came back of India. And then he decided to not sell his company and gave his all to that company.

After Humiliation:

Later business of Tata Motors has increased exponentially. Another side, ford’s company was going into loss and was about to bankrupt by 2008. Now Ratan tata gave the proposal to Mr. Bill Ford, Tata will purchase their two luxury car model business. And in return, he gives them a good amount of money to save their company. And Ford Chairman reached happily to Headquater of Tata motors for the deal discussion just the same way when Mr. Ratan Tata went to Headquater of Ford. And during the meeting, they have decided to purchase two business models. These two jaguars and Landrover will be under the Tata group in 93 Crores. As at that time these two luxury cars were one of the reasons for the failure of Ford. And after this meeting and proposal, Mr. Bill Ford happily accepted the offer.

A true example of a Great person and successful Industrialist

But this time success showed its wings when the Chairman Mr. Bill Ford stated the same line in a positive way. “You are doing a favor to us by purchasing our car business”. And in the current situation, jaguar and land rover is under Tata group and doing a great profit.


Don’t be disappointed about your failures instead work hard to make your dream comes true. And overcome your fear of failure because you know your efforts are going to pay one day for sure. When you achieve success then maintain that aura of learning and positivity is essential to sustain that success. And that can be possible by open to learning and helping your friend and foes. At last, that’s what the difference between successful people and Great People comes. 

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And if you want to learn more about Mr. Ratan Tata and his principles of becoming successful then do read out the book. The Wit & Wisdom of Ratan Tata” by Mr. Ratan Tata

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