Secrets of Think and Grow Rich

Napolean Hills have explained the concept of becoming rich by converting “visualization and human imagination” into reality. Think and Grow Rich is a state of mind that helps you to achieve your imagination into reality. The process can be very well stated into 13 bulletins which are :

 1. Introduction: ” The Man who thaught his way into a partnership with Thomas A. Edison ” 

         Edwin C. Barnes, Person who truly believes in “thoughts are powerful things that can turn your dreams into reality”. Edwin wants to work with inventors and especially with Thomas A. Edison. His desire to work with Mr. Edison was so strong that he wants to fulfill it at any cost but as everyone has their hurdles to accomplish their dreams so as Edwin has first is lack of funds to pay for travel to orange, New Jersey, and the second one he has no connection who can introduce him to Mr. Edison. Unlike others, Edwin was so determined with his thoughts that he overcame the problems with courage and dedication.

He reached by taking the cheap train and headed upright in front of Mr. Edison’s office. To Buy Think and Grow Rich Click here

  “Attract what we think About” 

 And he completed his 3/4th of the journey by imparting his best and first impression on Mr. Edison by showing his desire to work with him, the desire which Mr. Edison can also notice that he has made up his mind to stand by him until he gets success. He got a chance to work at Mr. Edison’s office not with him but he can see the opportunity starts taking its place and the universe is supporting him in succeeding in what he decided. 

” We have to accept indirect opportunities to understand how the universe will help you to make your dreams true”.

If you are having a burning desire for your goals then your actions, the situation will automatically start shaping your way. The Same happens Edwin he got the opportunity to work with Mr. Edison.

But the opportunity never comes out like the product you ordered you will receive the same. The opportunity will come in other forms and you have to mold, wait, prepare, and be ready to achieve when the chance will be given by the universe to make it true.

Similarly, Edwin got entrance into Mr. Edison’s office but didn’t get a chance to work with him and by the time he prepares, learned, and rocked at the right time when Mr. Edison’s team was failing to achieve the target and Edwin made it possible.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve”

Through this story what we learned is an impalpable dream can be true with a burning desire to achieve it. To Buy Think and Grow Rich Click here

  2.  DESIRE: “The Starting Point of All Achievements“. The first step towards riches.

When Edwin C. Barnes climbed down from the freight train in Orange, New Jersey, more than thirty years ago, he may have resembled a tramp, but his thoughts were those of a king!

If you get success people only observe the outer layer and a good part of the success 95% of people do not focus on the idea of how to achieve it.

The hard work you have done, the patience you have given into, the choices you have made to turn this desire into reality. 

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Only Desire is not enough to turn into reality specified desire or goal and plan is necessary to make it true

Barnes succeeded because he chose a definite goal, placed all his energy, all his power, all his effort, everything back of that goal. He did not become the partner of Edison the day he arrived. He was content to start in the most menial work, as long as it provided an opportunity to take even one step towards a cherished goal. To Buy Think and Grow Rich Click here

Steps to turn your desire into reality:

  •  Decide exactly what you want ( Your specified goal)– If you want to become rich then think of a specified wealth you want to have.     
  • You will give in return to achieve that goal: Once deciding that specified goal you have to think about what investment whether time, hard work, or anything you are going to give in return to achieve that specified wealth.
  • Set a deadline for achieving it:  Fix a date that you think will be appropriate for you to have that much wealth and why you chose that date that day, month, or year. It should be very specific as ” I will be having X amount of money on Y date”.
  • Create a plan:  No matter whether the plan is 100% right or not but you should have a plan in your mind to execute your desire into reality. A plan with details every minor step you are going to make, every detail include your feeling your appearance, the objects you see around, every action just create a plan as if it is going to happen in the same way.
  • Write all the things on a paper:  To check how much you are following onto your words, write everything on paper to remind yourself of the plan you created, the moves you are going to make, the specified money you are going to have. And read that statement out loud and remind yourself again and again twice in a day, in the morning or before heading towards bed anytime that what and how you are going to achieve.

“Try and Try until you succeed is the key feature to become successful”

Thomas Edison dreamed of a lamp that could be operated by electricity, began where he stood to put his dream into action and despite more than ten thousand failures, he stood by that dream until he made it a physical reality. Practical dreamer DO NOT QUIT. To Buy Think and Grow Rich Click here

3.  Faith – “Visualization of and belief in the attainment of desire ”  

To some extent, the conscious mind’s positivity or negativity can declare the outcome of your success and failure. You can train your mind to get faith by repeating the visualization that you planned to achieve your goal. And also your belief can be as strong as rock-solid once you will train your mind with positivity and belief. 

Once you start believing in yourself, Magic starts happening” 

Believe in your goal whether it sounds very unrealistic but if you have a belief that you can achieve then only others can believe in you and your dreams and that’s where the magic happens universe starts allowing you to turn down your dream into reality. Even when you apply for any job the quality most employers look after skills is your positivity and confidence to fulfill that role with utmost dedication. You can achieve your goal but only by starting to take action and your thoughts will turn down into reality. 

                            “Faith is all about confidence “

How to start building self-confidence?

  1. Understand the reason why self-confidence is a requirement or bridge towards your goal.
  2. Be an Ant – Never left your journey in between just keep trying to achieve it even if you are failing. Successful People are those who have the zeal to achieve and not afraid of getting a failure.
  3. Always ready to share or help others – The universe work in this way once you are helping someone the same help will come to you like a cycle. This activity helps you to be open to opportunities.
  4. Promise yourself that you are going to put every ounce of yours to achieve. You will be as consistent and full of energy as you were on the first day you have decided.
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4. Auto-Suggestion – “The medium for influencing the subconscious mind”

Autosuggestion- noun(n): the hypnotic or subconscious adoption of an idea which one has originated oneself.

The thaught originate in our mind at any instant which is perceived by our senses and criticized by the conscious mind will get stored into the subconscious mind and that’s where the subconscious mind starts suggesting to our conscious mind based out on memory and instances that we experience.

” The communication between our desire and subconscious mind is the Autosuggestion” 

Sub-conscious minds respond to that thought which is well mixed with feelings or emotions to activate the 6 senses.

There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Both successes and failures are the offspring of thought”

Repetition of Affirmations will feed your subconscious mind and you will attract what is in your subconscious mind.

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5. Specialized Knowledge – “Personal experience or observation”

It can be of any field whether monetary, career, or any kind of success, and includes Service, Profession, Product to build a big fortune.

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Be Educated always refer to the one who uses what he learns in real life not just acquiring knowledge. Knowledge is of two types one is generalized knowledge which is not that worthy enough to make you rich. Another one is specialized knowledge which comes up with a 100% success formula.

” Knowledge is potential power”. We find various ways to get specialized knowledge to make a step forward towards our goal.

Ways to get specialized knowledge

  • Work with knowledgeable people and always be ready to learn at every stage of life.
  • Start trying courses of specialization which help you to get excellent in one field rather than good in every field.
  • Rather than doing only a degree be a focus on your one course that you are most interested in making hands-on projects, get industrial experience, do internships.

An ambitious person is always ready to work extra time or free time on his skills while the person who comes up with the idea of just completing a degree always falls under the mediocrity.

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6.   Imagination- ” The workshop of the mind”

Imagination is the tool that made humans the most developed species on earth. It is the tool that can bring Switzerland to the hot desert area. The tool helps us to give us hopes for the future. A powerful tool of the brain that gives human wings to fly, light to see in the dark, connect you to the other part of the world.

” Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine. And at last, you create what you will”

Imagination can be of two types one is Synthetic imagination that helps you to create old thoughts, ideas, and knowledge to make something better. Another is Creative imagination which helps you to create something new. You get inspiration, get creative ideas from the never-ending knowledge.

To fulfill your goal start making a list of ideas that inspires you, allow you to make the best use of your skills.

7. Organized Planning- “The crystallization of desire into action”

No plan in this world is 100% solid- Proof. Every Plan has its flaws that need to rectify during the process of learning and completing the journey of success. We don’t need a perfect plan to get riches, Having a plan to convert desire into reality. If you face temporary defeat during the process of a journey then analyze it recreates your plan and work on it and repeat the step until you find the gate of opportunity to work towards success.  

“Don’t underestimate yourself. You know more than you say, think more than you speak, notice more than you realize”.

The same applies to yourself. The day you decided to not quit is the day you will win and start collaborating with people who will help you to reach your goal. Be open with the collaboration keeping one thing in mind is what you are going to offer them if they will help you to achieve your goal.

Do Self-analysis over and over to check whether the direction you are working under is leading you towards your goal. write everything that you are going to take actions, every small step counts, and same by writing them will allow you to not forget about it.  

To fulfill your goal you need to do organized planning. you should know the plan you are working on even small details counts a lot and do not quit until you succeed.

8. Decision- “The mastery of procrastination”

Procrastination: (It is the action of delaying or postponing something).

Those who fail in getting success easily, flip their mind change it accordingly according to the situation, and are not determined with the decision that they fall into procrastinate a lot. if you are changing your mind often by influencing other people it shows the lack of decision-making ability in you and decision requires courage, patience, and determination.

                       “Successful people do what they say”

Those who know what they want in life and be very practical about their desire generally get it. And to be one of them you should develop the habit of decision making leave the hand of procrastination, start working on the habits which help you to be determined. Also, you can change your decision but according to the way of achieving your goals.

9. Persistence- “The sustained effort necessary to induce faith”

It is the major cause of failure because of the lack of persistence. It plays a vital role in your success and transmuting your desire into reality. A continuous amount of effort is done by you until you get succeed. It combines with two-factor willpower and desire.

Weak desire brings weak result burning desire will bring a sure shot result. 

How to influence persistence if you are lacking behind.

  • Definite of persistence  and self-reliance
  • Definiteness of plans and accurate knowledge
  • Cooperation and will power
  • Habit

And know out of these get to know which property are you lacking behind in and to get such symptoms :

  • Procrastination and Lack of interest
  • Failure to recognize and to clearly define exactly what one wants
  • Indecision, Not having enough courage to face the issue
  • Self-Satisfaction and Indifference
  • Lack of desire and Willingness to quit
  • Lack of organized planning and Searching for shortcuts
  • Wishing instead of a willingness to perform and Fear of criticism

How to Develop Persistence

  • Develop a burning desire with a definite purpose
  • A definite plan which displays continuous action.
  • Keep out all negative things and discouraging people from your life.
  • Stay accountable to people who encourage you to achieve the desire

10. Power of Mastermind: “The Driving force”

 ” Whatever we are thinking we are transferring that energy and the universe use that energy to make it matter” 

Power is the driving force to get riches and success. No matter how much planning you pore unless you have the power to utilize and work on it. Power is that energy that can be used efficiently and systematically to perform in the journey of success. 

Be the mastermind of your success by building a network of people who will lead you towards reach. Work on leadership, acquire the ability to become a mastermind. Control your actions and give them a direction towards your riches. Mastermind knows how to convert that specialized knowledge and convert it into power and then utilize that power to make plans into action.

11. Mystery of the Sex transmutation and Brain

The brain is a transmitter and receiver of frequencies and Sub Conscious mind is a transmuting station while Creative imagination is a receiving Station. According to an author before receiving any frequencies we should activate our brain to get maximum auto-suggestions and creative ideas. And one of the best ways to increase the number of frequencies and vibrations in the brain is sex transmutation.

12. The Sub Conscious Mind and the Six Sense: “The connecting link and The door to the temple of wisdom

Finite Mind of human and infinite intelligence. Sub Conscious mind works as a connecting link between our desire and monetary things into reality. We have to attracts things by repetition of affirmations and desires and to get autosuggestions.

And to control the Subconscious mind we have to follow these positive emotions :

  • Desire and Hope
  • Romance and Love
  • Faith and Enthusiasm

And Avoid Fear emotions to have constructive imagination which are :

  • Poverty and fear of criticism
  • Ill health and fear of loss of the love of some
  • Old age and fear of death

And to know these points in detail and if you are having your desires which are incomplete and looking forward to completing it you should read Think and Grow Rich book to achieve it.

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