How to Achieve Goals? These 7 Rules are the Foundational Pillars of Goal Setting

A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish

In order to succeed, create your goals! You lack focus and direction if you don’t have a goal.

Setting goals helps you to take charge of your life. It also gives you a baseline to measure if you’re succeeding.

Goal-setting is a process that starts with thorough thought about what you want to achieve and finishes with a lot of hard work to get there.

There are some pretty well-defined steps in between that go beyond the specifics of each aim.

Knowing how to take these stages can help you set goals that you can achieve.

Here are some golden rules on how to achieve goals:

Golden Rules on How to Achieve Goals

Rule No. 1: Set up SMART goals

SMART goals are certainly something you’ve heard of before. The basic fact is that for goals to be effective, they must be in a SMART manner.

The acronym SMART represents a variety of things, but the essential is this: goals should be:

  • S – Specific 

Your objective must be precise and well-defined. Goals that are too broad or too generic are unproductive because they lack focus.

Keep in mind that you’ll need goals to guide you. Make it as simple as possible to reach where you want to go by specifying your destination in detail.

  • M – Measurable 

Include specific numbers, dates, and other details in your goals so that you can track your progress. How would you know when you’ve achieved your objective if it’s as simple as “lower expenses”? 

  • A – Achievable 

Make sure you’ll be able to achieve the objectives you’ve established. You will demoralise yourself and weaken your confidence if you set a goal that you have little chance of attaining.

However, resist the temptation to create too easy targets. Attaining a goal for which you didn’t have to work hard might be demoralising, and it may lead you to avoid establishing future goals with a high risk of failure.

You achieve the necessary balance by setting reasonable yet demanding goals.

  • R – Relevant

Goals should be relevant to the path you intend to take in your life and work. You’ll develop the focus you need to get ahead and do what you want if you maintain your goals aligned with this. 

You’ll waste your time and your life if you set goals that are disconnected and inconsistent.

  • T – Time-bound 

Your goals must be time-bound. It implies you’ll be able to recognise when you’ve achieved something. When you’re working on a deadline, your sense of urgency arises, and you’ll get them more quickly.

Rule No. 2: Break them down

Setting and achieving goals is difficult. There are no simple options or shortcuts, but that is part of what makes the experience so fulfilling.

Break everything down if you start to feel overwhelmed.

Not only in terms of time, but also in terms of action points. Outlining what you want to do, when you want to achieve it, and how you plan to achieve it will make your goals appear much more attainable.

Rule No. 3: Recognize the importance of this goal

It’s just random if you don’t know why the objective is essential to you.

Understanding why will strengthen your sense of purpose, keeping you motivated even in the face of adversity.

If things start to go wrong when you don’t have a feeling of purpose, nothing is stopping you from downgrading your aim and lowering the bar.

To achieve big, daring goals, you must be solid on the goal but flexible on the approach, and having a compelling why will help you keep your eyes on the prize and keep going even when things got rough.

Rule No. 4: Make a plan of the strategy

Spend as much time as you need to come up with a goal or goals, even if they are little.

Not everyone aspires to tremendous success and is willing to make drastic changes in their lives.

Not everyone aspires to be a millionaire or can generate wealth.

After you’ve identified a goal you’re passionate about, make a strategy that’s as practical as possible.

Rule No. 5: Make a list of goals that will inspire you

When you set goals for yourself, they must drive you: this involves ensuring that they’re meaningful to you and that reaching them is worthwhile.

If the outcome is unimportant to you in the grand scheme of things, the chances of you putting in the effort to make it happen are small. The key to reaching goals is motivation.

Set goals that are related to your top priorities. If you don’t have this kind of focus, you’ll end up having far too many goals and won’t have the time to devote to each one.

Goal achievement necessitates dedication, thus you must have a sense of urgency and an attitude to increase your chances of success.

You risk putting off what you need to do if you don’t have this.

As a result, you’ll be unsatisfied and angry with yourself, which will make you feel demotivated.

Rule No. 6: There will be no more negativity

“Our attitude toward life defines life’s attitude toward us”

said Earl Nightingale, an American writer, and he was true.

Negativity will come back to bite you if you project it out into the world. Even if you’re faking it, having a “can do” attitude can help you reassert yourself.

Whenever doubt creeps into your head, swat it away and remind yourself that the glass is half full.

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Rule No. 7: Accept failure

Setting goals is rarely easy. You’ll hit hurdles that make you wonder why you ever attempted, but that’s all part of the process, and the sooner you accept it, the better.

Accept that failure has occurred and learned from it rather than letting it defeat you,

  • After that, make a note of what worked and what didn’t and move on.
  •  As a result, you’ll become a better goal-setter.


Yes, you can attain your life’s ambitions and dreams. We accomplished it, and you can do it as well. This strategy will provide you with the motivation and resources you need to succeed.

Many of our ambitions are never completed, and we feel like failures as a result. The majority of the time, though, failure is due to a lack of planning.

You can reach your objectives and live the successful life you’ve always wanted if you establish a plan.

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