The Power of Consistency: Concentrate on Your Progress, Not on Your Result

Consistency links to establishing habits that may alter your behaviour favourably.

When you are consistent, you create the momentum you need to inspire (and remain) and advance. Our habits are mostly unconscious.

Habits consist of ideas and actions embedded in our brains. How we behave is based on what we think, so that we alter our conduct first.

“You’re going to get it if you’re persistent. You’ll retain it if you’re consistent”

Mackay Harvey

The strength of constancy is deep and underestimated. It may help you overcome a lack of natural skill and let you concentrate instead of the reward on the process.

Once you can alter your conduct, you can make huge improvements since small things done lead to large changes in our lives over and over again.

It’s fair to assume that this year just about everyone wants to develop and create good life changes. Many of us have these wonderful objectives in mind, but we lose sight of them for whatever reason.

“It isn’t what we do for our life once in a while. That’s what we always do”

Anthony Robbins

The Power of Consistency

The strength of constancy is deep and underestimated. Once you can learn how to change your behaviour and feel comfortable, anything is achievable.

Doing the small things over and over again can help you reach those major life objectives that you have always wanted to achieve. 

The individuals who had a genuine effect and marked them are not necessarily the most brilliant or the smartest; they are the most consistent.

To do a little consistently will always be more successful than to do a lot inconsistently. And this applies to any good habit or objective we try to accomplish.

Below we stated how the consistency would bring power and power across all fronts substantially in your life:

Coherence Fosters Momentum

It is simple, but not easy if you ask me how to write a book. Write a little each day. Whether it’s terrible or nice doesn’t matter. Whether you’re in the mood, feel motivated or have a terrible day doesn’t matter.

Ultimately, what counts is that you are accustomed to appear and attempt. Momentum is founded on the concept of keeping an item in motion.

It is thus more efficient to write 200 words each day than to write 1000 words once a week.

That’s why we better practise an instrument every day for 15 minutes than we do once a week for an hour. We remain in motion when we are consistent with whatever we do. When we keep moving, we get momentum that is the lifeblood of any start-up or creative effort.

Consistency Permits Success

You won’t know whether it works or not until you have had the opportunity to try anything regularly over a period.

These abilities require time and effort to acquire. Consistency may help you overcome a lack of natural skill and help you concentrate on the process rather than the final objective.

Compatibility Avoids Insecurity

Numerous brilliant people never reach their full potential since they frequently begin and fail to complete many tasks.

It is essential to continue, even if occasionally you fail.

Being able to recognise that all your hard effort is successful is the reason for your next major objective!

Coherence promotes reputation

You need to be constant with your family, friends and coworkers. Nobody likes to deal with someone who agrees frequently and then ends up doing anything.

If you want to succeed, you need to be someone on whom you can be dependent. There’s a moment when you also need it from others in your life.

Discipline and self-control are developed

It may be difficult to form a new habit since it is simpler to revert back to what you’re familiar with.

Your capacity to remain constant needs self-control, which implies that you can’t leave the track while focusing on improving gradually.

This helps you to acquire the discipline that is necessary to continue.

Consistency Will Make You Aware and Appreciated

Small acts regularly carried out will bring great effects over time. If you do anything for a long time, you distinguish yourself from others who are not consistent.

This may assist you to acquire fresh possibilities that may not be feasible until you are consistent.

Foster Consistency and Enhance Accountability

Consistency leads to development that may accelerate the accomplishment of what you desire. This will increase your trust, helping you to set greater and more difficult objectives.

Your findings will show whether or not you are consistent.

You can keep yourself responsible if you realise that you are not on track. This implies that you may adapt your actions and behaviours to what you desire.

Consistency keeps your message

Your team pays as much attention or more attention to what you say.

Consistency in your leadership is a model of what you are going to do. If you treat a meeting as irrelevant, don’t be shocked to discover that they do the same to colleagues or even customers.

Wrapping up

Consistency is what gives you the motivation to keep through difficult circumstances and concentrate on your progress, not on your result.

You don’t allow life’s setbacks to derail you when you are consistent. You view errors as chances for learning and realise that overcoming failure enables you to unleash your full potential.

“If you want to alter your life, start with changing your behaviour and constantly modify the new habit

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