How to start your blogging journey

Hello, Welcome to the blogging basics. Start your blog journey with few blog basics that I have collected after a lotof research. And I want to share those major points which you should not miss.

Steps to start your blog page:


The question to start your new project fulfills your motive and vision . You should have a motive/ vision for starting a new project. For some people, it is just about sharing their inner thoughts with the world and learn from the feedback. Some start it with the mindset of starting something that would fill their free time. 

Blogging may give you infinite success in life with patience, consistency and zeal to improve. Coming with the idea of earning alot in les time is not blogging. Building a blog page requires patience, persistence, and motive.

Choosing a name- Pick a descriptive name

Starting with a blog page requires a name that reflects your motive, your vision, and the theme of your writing. The people should have an idea about the inner content from the name of the page. Anonymous people should keep the name related to the content of the page. Try to connect name of your blogpage with audience like “xyz sayings”, IITians. Like “modern men life” represents and connect with the life of this generation. 

“The originality of your page name creates more impact”

Don’t make your blog page messy-
In some cases blog name is related to healthcare industry and content is irrelevant with blog name. It becomes a messy platform for the audience to understand the theme and relate with the content. Try to keep small descriptive name of your blog.


Choose your platform:

You may start your blog page from sources that provides you space to work without designing the page. 

You can register for free in many blog page and start your writting.

The list of websites that provides free register to start your blog page is:

  1. WordPress (
  2. Wix (
  3. LinkedIn (
  4. Weebly (
  5. Blogger (
  6. Ghost (
  7. Tumblr (
  8. Joomla (

You can customize your beautiful blog page with various themes and blog designs on these platforms. Some themes and graphics are for free in these platform. You can also buy few from various sources like

4 Content Management

The most important part of blogging is plot the theme of webpage before writting. The topic of the content or blog should be relatable to the idea of the blog page. 

Pick a blog name that relates to the content of your blog. Choose a descriptive name of your blog with fewer words. Each post should be lengthy, descriptive, informative, and most important a quality unique content, not a copied one. Try to include few words that are catchy and trending. It is not mandatory to come up with a fresh idea every time. And the secret to overcoming the hurdles is to not stopping content creation. As eventually once after writing your mind will start to explore for more ideas.

Always feel free to mix up the tone of the content as it is your blog and your unique ideas. Try to learn more about SEO analysis as it helps to build rich content. Try to keep your blog more than 1000 words to give great exposure to people about the topic. But make sure to break your content into subparts for better visibility. I always consider the art of storytelling as the best part to portray your blog, video, post, or anything. As storytelling helps in engaging the audience more. Try to add original photos or if not possible then give credit to the person whose picture you are using.

The best way to avoid grammatical mistakes, typing errors is to use a platform like Grammarly to write your blog. These mistakes degrade the quality of content.

5 Publish your blog

Checkpoints to consider before publishing:

  1.  Check the author name before publishing.
  2. Check the Readability analysis of the blog and edit it according to the analysis suggestion. Please avoid poor readability as it will be an addon to your poor-quality content.
  3. Include good impactful metadata (It is the information you provide to search engines that is not visible to blog visitors). Metadata is the first thing a user sees before visiting your blog page. And it decides whether the reader is going to open your blog page or not.
  4. Add SEO friendly link to your blog page, replace regular words with trending words in your post.
  5. Make sure your blog is in public mode rather than private.
  6. Use a Strong and trending headline on your blog page.
  7. Use Graphics if possible as it helps in catching the reader’s attention. 

6 Promote your blog post

You might be thinking that only marketing people know the art of product selling or promotions. But the internet has shaped this area of promotion for everyone with few points to consider. And then you are good to go for the promotion of your brand new post. 

Figure out if you need a freelancer to promote your business or you will promote by yourself-

In my case, I do both editing my content, publishing it, and promoting it. As an early-stage writer, I don’t want to invest my hard-earned money to hire someone. In case you have the budet to hire someone then your work is going to be much easier for you.

Make your blog searchable

You have to do some research with the words to use those words in blog content. Do keyword research and SEO-friendly content research to identify high-ranking terms.

Optimizing the blog will help the reader to discover the blog page by high-ranking words and rich content. Employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your blog page. Use premium quality SEO and try to make your website approved under Google AdWords. It is online advertising platform where advertisers bid to display brief advertisements to web users. 

Share your blog on Social Media

This is a good practice to start promoting your content on Facebook, Instagram, reels, Linkedin, many more. Try to create a social media content calendar for various content promotion management. 

In case your blog doesn’t receive much more impact from social media. You will gain more followers on you social media

Answers your question on sites like Quora and drops your blog notification. Those sites helps to reach out to a good number of people.

With this information, I’d like to conclude that if you are writing your content in notebooks. Then this might be the right opportunity to start your blog page and share your thoughts with the world. You can use this platform as an opportunity to build up your career. Or as a part-time passive source of income in the future.

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